"YonFlex FAQ: Pelvic Floor Trainer Questions Answered"

 We get many questions about our YoniFlex.  Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions.  We have broken down the frequently asked questions into several categories for convenience.  If you have ANY questions not on our list, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to answer them for you!


YoniFlex Trainer Questions:

Q:  How long do the programs last?

A:  The most commonly used YoniFlex programs last 20 minutes.  These are the programs to help reduce bladder leakage, sudden urges to urinate, and similar issues. 


Q:  What does using the YoniFlex trainer feel like?

A:  When I'm using my YoniFlex trainer, the experience is a fairly mild tightening and then relaxing sensation.  I find it a quite enjoyable and at times relaxing sensation.  And yes, to answer your question, I have fallen asleep using my YoniFlex.  Don't worry, it stops automatically once the program is complete. 


 Q:  Can I use the YoniFlex during menstruation?

A:  Yes.  There are no issues using your YoniFlex during menstruation.  In fact, the Yoniflex pelvic trainer has been shown to reduce menstrual cramps and could be beneficial to use in the days leading up to your cycle.


Can I use the YoniFlex if I am pregnant?

A:  No.  Do not use the Yoniflex if you are pregnant, think you may be pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant.


Q: How soon after having a baby can I start using Yoniflex?

A:  It is important to discuss this question with your midwife or doctor.  Many women feel comfortable starting with pelvic floor rehabilitation about 6 weeks post postpartum, after the completion of a successful doctor checkup.



YoniFlex Probe Questions:

Q: What if the probe is not the right size?

A: In our testing, the YoniFlex Ada probe will be very effective for about 95% of women.  It is important to properly lubricate the probe before insertion both to make it easier to insert, and also to create a strong connection between the probe and the walls of your vagina.  We do offer two additional probe options available here should you have any issues with the Ada probe that comes with the YoniFlex.  Our Amelia probe is a standard tube shaped probe that some women find more comfortable, and our Marie probe is a smaller probe created for women with smaller vaginal canals.  If you specifically want a different probe in your Yoniflex Kit, just contact me and we can figure something out to support your needs.

Q:  What are the probes made of?  Are they safe for my intimate areas?

A: Absolutely!  All of the YoniFlex probes are made with high quality ABS plastic and stainless steel.  ABS plastic is hyper-allergenic and non-porous.  The probes are also created using a single mold.  This prevents seams on the plastic, and creates a smooth and uniform surface.  Surgical stainless steel is often used as it resists corrosion, is non-magnetic, hygienic and performs well at both low and high temperatures.   

Q:  How long will my probe last?

A:  If you keep good care of your probe it should last you between 12-18 months of regular use.  To maximize the lifespan of your probe, be mindful of the wires and ensure they don't get tangled, bent or stretched.  When inserting and removing your probe, always hold it by the base and never by the wires.  

Q:  How do I clean my probe?

A:  I recommend using warm water and non-scented water to clean your probe.  Be sure not to get the wires wet (where they connect tot your YoniFlex trainer), but the probe itself can be washed without issue.  After washing, let it air dry until its dry.  Do not use scented soap, or soap with additives, as it could cause sensitivity when using your probe.

Q:  My probe is causing discomfort.  What do I do?

  If you experience any discomfort while using your YoniFlex trainer, there are two most likely causes.  You may have the settings too high.  You want your YoniFlex to only be as strong as necessary to engage your pelvic floor muscles to contract, and no higher.  Try turning down the program, or selecting a beginner friendly program.  Secondly, if there is not enough lubrication on your probe, it may not work effectively as a lack of lubrication will reduce the connection between the probe and your internal vaginal walls.  Ensure that your probe is adequately lubricated before each use.

Shipping & Warranty Questions:

Q:  How long will the YoniFlex take to ship?

A:  99% of the time we will ship your YoniFlex within 1 business day.  We are a small company, and due to unforeseeable events (one of our children get super sick, the car won't start, etc.) there may be a delay of a day or two, but I'll do everything in my power to get your YoniFlex in the mail within 1 day of ordering. 

Q:  Do I have to pay duties and taxes on the YoniFlex?

A:  This answer is, it depends.  I ship the YoniFlex from Ontario, Canada.  Depending on where you live, your Country may add import taxes or duties to your shipment.  The cost of this will depend on where you life, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent this.  In most cases, any additional cost is minimal.

Q:  Does the YoniFlex come with a warranty?

A:  Absolutely!  We support our YoniFlex trainer with a full one year warranty.  If you have any issues with your YoniFlex trainer, reach out to us and we will help you.  Note:  For sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns on vaginal probes unless they remain sealed in their original packaging.  


As we continue to grow at YoniFlex, we will keep updating our FAQ section to answer all of your YoniFlex related questions.  If you have any questions at all that are not on this FAQ, shoot us a message and I'll respond to you lightning quick like a silver fox escaping from a polar bear.