YoniFlex Pelvic Pad Instructions

The YoniFlex pelvic pads when working with the YoniFlex trainer provide flexibility in the way that you exercise your pelvic floor muscles.  The pelvic floor pads send an electrical signal between the two pads, so all muscles between the pads are stimulated.  The farther each pad is from the other, the less strength the pads will have, but the more area they will cover.  

Who should use the YoniFelx pelvic pads?

  • If you are not comfortable, or not able to use a vaginal or rectal probe, you can use the pelvic pads instead.
  • If you want to increase your pelvic floor strengthening even more, using the pelvic floor pads along with with a probe will improve the training program.
  • If you are experiencing an issue that would cause you to not be able to, or be uncomfortable with using a probe, (during menstruation, having bowel issues, experiencing vaginismus, if you have a bladder infection) you can still exercise your pelvic floor using  the pelvic pads.

Frequently asked questions about the YoniFlex pelvic pads:

Where do I place my pelvic pads?

There are several locations that will support your pelvic floor health.  Below you will find the most popular places to place your pelvic pads with a description of why these are effective.

On either side of your peridium. - 2 PADS
Effectiveness:  8/10 
Intrusiveness: 8/10

This is the most effective location to place your pelvic pads, as it is the closest possible position to your pelvic floor muscles.  Your perineum is the skin between your vagina/testicles and your anus. You want to position the pelvic pads approximately 1 inch on either side of your perineum.   This location will work effectively for both bladder and bowel issues, and will work for both women and men.   Be sure to place your pelvic pads at least one inch apart from each other

WOMEN:  Stress Incontinence, urge incontinence, prolapse bowel incontinence, 
MEN:  Erectile disfunction, bladder leakage, stress incontinence, urge incontinence.

On your ankle. - 2 PADS
Effectiveness:  7/10
Intrusiveness: 1/10

This is the easiest and most non-intrusive method to use your pelvic floor pads.  It works for both men and women.  The sacral nerve runs all the way from your ankle to your pelvic floor.  Stimulating your tibial nerve has shown in sturdies to improve overactive bladder symptoms in 48-93% of participants, and cure urinary incontinence in 25-45% of patients.  You can view the study here.

This positioning of the pelvic pads is great because you don't have to remove any clothing (except your socks) and its pretty easy to apply.  

The key is to place one pad just behind your ankle bone, and the other pad about 3 inches above the first pad.  CLICK HERE to see a picture of the electrodes placed on an ankle.  

On the front of your legs. - 2 PADS
Effectiveness:  6/10
Intrusiveness: 4/10

This is a great position to use along with a probe.  It is primarily focusing on the front pelvic floor muscles.  

On your lower bum. - 2 PADS
Effectiveness:  6/10
Intrusiveness: 4/10

This is a great position to use for bowel issues.  It primary targets your the pelvic floor muscles of your rectum and surrounding areas.  If you are experiencing bowel issues, including bowel incontinence, excessive or uncontroled fluctuance, etc. this is a good location of the pelvic pads for you.