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New YoniFlex - New Savings!

$30 off New YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer

2023 is a new year for YoniFlex, and I have just launched my brand new YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer.  This new YoniFlex is everything the original was and more!  

After over 2000 YoniFlex kits sold from 2020 until now, I've listened to the feedback of all of my clients, made big time improvements, and now have what I believe to be the best pelvic floor trainer in the world!

Updates include: 

  • A backlit screen
  • Lager easier to read screen
  • Longer battery life
  • Slimmer design
  • 17 program options
  • More effective and targeted exercises
  • Programs for both men and women!

As a celebration of the new YoniFlex kit, use the coupon code NEWYONI for $30 off a new YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer!


*Limit 1 YoniFlex discount per order, while supplies last.