5 Tips to improve the female orgasm


5 tips to improve Female Orgasm | Improving orgasm for women

The female orgasm – An enigma wrapped in mystery.  While the male orgasm is fairly straightforward and simple to understand, the female orgasm seems to be much more complicated.  Clitoral stimulation, G-Spot orgasm, vaginal orgasm, and so much more – the female orgasm is misunderstood by so many people – even women themselves.

In this article we won’t go into advanced details of all types and systems involved in the female orgasm.  What we will do is focus on ways to improve the female orgasm – all female orgasms.  From clitoral to vaginal to back door – all orgasms can be improved with these tips.

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Improving Female Orgasm Tip  1 – The Mental game.


More than any other method discussed in this article, your mental orgasm game needs to be at the top of the list.  I’m sure you have heard the expression ‘getting in your head’ when it comes to both orgasm and sexual play in general.  

Don’t go into any situation with the Idea that orgasm is the ultimate goal. If you are indifferent to the possibility of orgasm is more likely to come, unintended. Think of the act of enjoyment as the goal and not the orgasm.  If you add pressure on yourself to achieve orgasm, it will be easier for you to get into your head, thus reducing the chances of reaching climax.  

Improving Female Orgasm Tip 2 – The physical game

Strength is not limited to your exposure to the world muscles.  Your pelvic floor muscles are integral to all functions of y our pelvic region, including orgams.  Several pelvic floor muscles directly support your clitorisou and vaginal walls.  

Strengthening your pelvic floor will directly help you improve your orgasm.  Supporting your vulva through exercise will make sex and orgasm that much better.  Whether you choose to perform manual kegel exercise, or choose to use an automatic Kegel machine like our YoniFlex Pelvic Floor trainer, the choice is yours, but do it.  

Improving Female Tip 3 -  Prepare yourself - physically and mentally. 

Shower or bath, a clean space, write down any racing thoughts, relax, listen to music, light candles, and just get comfortable with yourself and your surroundings.

Improving Female Tip 4 - Heat can help. 

Heat increases blood flow that leads to increased sensitivity and lubrication.  Whether you have a hot bath or shower, or put a warm washcloth on your pelvis, heating your body prior to orgasm will support you.

Improve Female 5 - Practice Solo.

Find out  what you like, what feels good, how much or how little pressure, and where is most pleasurable for you to experience better orgasm.  Take some time with yourself in a comfortable and relaxed place to really explore yourself.  

According to Kelley Kitely, L.C.S.W who is a women’s mental health expert based out of Chicago states::  “I really believe firmly in [masturbation] building confidence and self-esteem for women and knowing their own bodies and what they like,” Kitely says. Masturbation is one of the best ways to learn about your sexuality, help you understand what your preferences are, and learn how best to reach orgasm] if that’s something your body can do. And when you’re consistently, perhaps quite literally tapping into this really special part of yourself, you’re probably feeling pretty, pretty good.

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I hope these top 5 tips for female orgasm helped you, and that you can take just a few and apply them to your lives.  Sexuality and vitality and health often go hand in hand, so as you work on your own wellness, don't forget your own pleasure!

Stay awesome,