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How do I locate my pelvic floor muscles? | Help Finding your pelvic Floor musces


The term pelvic floor muscles actually described a number of different muscles that support various parts of the anatomy. A woman’s pelvic floor muscles support her uterus, Regina, bowel, bladder, and anus, where a man’s pelvic floor muscles support is bladder and bowel.

 Here is a picture showing all of the muscles considered the pelvic floor. It is interesting to note the number and direction of the various pelvic floor muscles.

locating pelvic floor muscles | View from behind

Pelvic Floor Muscle Location: View from the back

As you can see from the image above the 'pelvic floor muscles' wrap all around the back, bottom, and toward the front of your pelvic area.  The pelvic floor muscles are actually a number of individual muscles all working together to support your internal organs.

The pelvic floor muscles stretch between your pubic bone at the front of your body, and your tailbone at the back of your body. They also attach to the tops of each of your hips. Some people describe your pelvic floor muscles as a hammock surrounding all of your internal reproductive organs.


Here is another view of your pelvic floor muscles looking from directly underneath you.  

Locating your pelvic Floor Muscles | Looking from underneith

Pelvic Floor Muscle Location: View from the Bottom

In order to find or locate your pelvic floor muscles in your body, try urinating and then in the middle of your stream, stop urinating. The muscles that you use to stop urinating midstream are part of your pelvic floor muscles. For men, another way to sense your pelvic floor muscles is by attempting to move your penis back and forth while having an erection.


Here is another photo showing the pelvic floor muscles surrounded by your internal organs.

pelvic floor muscles with internal organs | Understanding location of pelvic floor muscles
Pelvic Floor Muscle Location: View from the side with internal organs

Because all of the muscles within the pelvic floor internal, it is difficult to locate your pelvic floor muscles from the outside. However you can feel your pelvic floor muscles internally through both vagina and the anus.  You can do this by squeezing your vagina  and anus tight, as if you are preventing urine, or preventing gas.


I hope this article helps you understand the location of your pelvic floor muscles in relation to your internal organs.


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