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Additional Benefits of pelvic floor exercise

We have covered reducing bladder leaks, reducing overactive bladder , and improving sexual intimacy and sensation

What else will YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer help with?

While these three- Stress incontinence, urinary incontinence, and sexual sensation improvement - are the top 3 reasons women use the YoniFlex, there are several other important reasons to consider the YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer.  

  • Menopause Support - An unfortunate side effect of menopause is a reduction of muscle strength.  Using the YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer by premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women is a great way to maintain your pelvic floor muscle strength during this time. 
  • Post childbirth Support - The process of childbirth can be difficult on anyone, and the effects of childbirth on the body can be significant.  Your pelvic floor muscles can shift and stretch during delivery. This is especially significant during large baby births and long birthing processes.  The YoniFlex will re-strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, even if you have lost the strength to manually exercise these muscles.
  • Prolapse - A prolapse is defined as when internal organs shift out of their intended location.  Often times in women prolapse happen in the vagina, where your bladder, uterus, or urethra begin to move into your vaginal canal.  The Yoniflex will again increase the strength of your pelvic floor, which is primarily responsible for maintaining the location of your internal reproductive organs.
  • Rectum issues with constipation, gas, or bowel control - Weak pelvic floors can effect your rectum as well.  Many people, both men and women, experience constipation issues and lack of bowel control due to weak pelvic floors.  We are currently looking into products designed specifically for rectum related pelvic floor issues.  Should you wish to be notified when these become available, please reach out and contact me.
  • Vaginismus - Vaginismus is the involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles specifically when near or inserting in the vagina.  This can cause issues having sex & inserting tampons and can ruin your sex life.  Depending on the severity of the vaginismus, YoniFlex can help.  It is recommended to try The Marie probe, which is the smallest probe we offer, at just 20mm in thickness.   For people experiencing vaginismus,  it is recommended to use the YoniFlex under the supervision and support of your doctor or physiotherapist
  • Dyspareunia - This is defined as pain during sex, or general vulva pain.  While there are many different reasons for dyspareunia, some people experiencing dyspareunia found the YoniFlex stimulation to be relaxing and reduced their pain and discomfort.  The setting 1 on the YoniFlex is specifically designed to reduce pain.  As with the Vaginismus, you may want to consider The Marie probe, which is the smallest probe we offer, at just 20mm in thickness.   For people experiencing dyspareunia,  it is recommended to use the YoniFlex under the supervision and support of your doctor or physiotherapist. 
  • General health and well-being - Let's face it.  When you have control over your body, you will just feel better.  Getting better control of your pelvic floor will have additional benefits, improving your sense of well-being, and your health overall.
  • Emotional challenges and support - So often with pelvic floor issues comes embarrassment, sadness, depression, and other emotional reactions.  Improving your pelvic floor health can greatly increase your emotional wellbeing, giving you confidence and emotional strength.
  • Psychological challenges - An often missed but super important factor to pelvic floor strength is psychological.  Many women suffer in silence about their bladder leaks, their urge difficulties, and their prolapse.  When you strengthen your pelvic floor and regain control, you will no doubt experience a tremendous improvement in your confidence and happiness.


As you can see, the benefit list of strengthening your pelvic floor through our YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer is impressive.  If you have any questions about your specific needs, we are here for you.  Just contact us anytime, day or night, and we will connect with you and discuss your particular situation.

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