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How to reduce sudden urges to urinate?

Using the YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer will reduce your sudden urges to urinate.  How is this possible?

reduce sudden urge to urinate

Overactive bladder - AKA 'I gotta pee RIGHT NOW!!' - is a very common bladder issue that affects about 9% of adults.  Overactive bladder becomes increasingly challenging as we age. 

For more details on overactive bladder, please read our article called Understanding Overactive Bladder.  

Overactive bladder can be a huge stress on our lives!  Being worried about needing to suddenly need the bathroom can cause us to stop enjoying many things in life for fear of accidents.  It can cause emotional distress such as ancient and depression due to life limitations.

How does YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer reduce Overactive Bladder?

By regularly using your YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer, you can reduce overactive bladder by strengthening the muscles that support your bladder.  Using scientifically proven and validated methods, the YoniFlex automatics the process of excising your P.C. muscles.  Most women report an improvement in overactive bladder within their first two weeks of using the YoniFlex, but it is recommended to use Yoniflex pelvic floor trainer for at least 12 weeks to see the full benefits.

We have three workout programs dedicated to overactive bladder in our Yoniflex Pelvic Floor Trainer..  Program 05 is a twenty minute workout designed to specifically target the muscles that support your bladder.  Program 06 and Program 07 are also designed to support those with frequent urination and overactive bladder symptoms.  The YoniFlex offers both beginners levels and advanced levels of workout to reduce your overactive bladder.


if you are Experiencing overactive bladder issues, and sudden needs to pee,

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