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Hi, I'm Tricia =)

Tricia is the founder of YoniFlex.

A few months after having my second baby, (9 lbs 5 oz and 12 hours of labour) I noticed my pelvic floor just didn't feel right. After discussions with my gynecologist I discovered I had a pelvic organ prolapse, stress incontinence and mild urge incontinence. Fan-freaking-tastic, I thought to myself.

I'm not a sit on my ass and commiserate type of gal, so I started researching ways to reduce my pelvic organ prolapse.  After many failed attempts trying kegel exercises, vaginal cones, and manual exercise devices, I finally found success with a Pelvic Floor Trainer.

Just two weeks into my training sessions I started noticing a shift in my pelvic region. I could no longer feel a 'bulge' from the outside of my body, and I could actually sleep through the night without getting up to pee!  I regained my confidence, my stress reduced, and my sex life came back with a passion!  I finally felt 'normal' again for the first time in years.

I knew I wanted to get involved, I just wasn't sure how. My partner suggested I consider starting a business supporting women, and YoniFlex was born.




How can the YoniFlex reduce your pelvic organ prolapse?  Let's get sciency:

In order to understand how the YoniFlex works, you must first learn why pelvic organ prolapse happens in the first place.  Pelvic organ prolapse happens when your muscles and tissues that support your pelvic floor organs become weak or loose.  When this happens, it allows one or more pelvic organs to drop or press into our out of your vagina or rectum.1  




To strengthen your weak pelvic floor muscles, the YoniFlex uses targeted neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES for short) to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles rhythmically contract (tighten) and then relax (loosen).  This automatic contraction (tightening) of your pelvic floor muscles, and then relaxing (resting) happens automatically dozens of times a minute when using the YoniFlex.  

This process will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles over time, allowing them to hold all of your pelvic organs in place reducing your prolapse.

The best part is - YoniFlex does the work for you.  Manual kegel exercise requires you to strain and concentrate, and some women have pelvic floors that are so weak, they cannot perform these exercises on their own.   The YoniFlex does the work for you without any stress or worry.  



Jennifer J.

I purchased the YoniFlex after being diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder and rectocele. Surgery was not an option but the constant pain and pressure was stopping me from enjoying life. Within two weeks of using the YoniFlex my stress incontinence had reduced significantly and by three weeks in I suddenly noticed the pressure from the rectocele was gone. I am delighted with what the YoniFlex has done for me. Thank you so much Tricia for showing me this wonderful live changing device!

Erin T.

I went to the doctor with what I thought was a urine infection. After a course of antibiotics that didn't help, it became apparent I had a moderate prolapse causing pain and a bulging feeling. I was given exercises to do but that caused more pain. I saw the YoniFlex I thought 'why not'? That was 4 weeks ago. I am almost pain free, which was my main issue. I can go for long walks with my dog without discomfort and not need the loo so much. I would really recommend this little gem. Thank you.

Tiara J.

I wish I knew about YoniFlex when I had my first prolapse. I am currently using it to treat a second prolapse of my bowel and bladder and it is a fantastic piece of equipment. I no longer suffer from urinary incontinence and my pelvic floor is a lot stronger then it was . My prolapse was severe enough that I thought I would need surgery but using the Yoniflex every day, I no longer feel this is an option I have to take. I'm confident with a few more weeks of treatment I will be 100% again. Thank you so much!


We get a lot of questions about the YoniFlex.  Here are the top asked questions.  If you don't see the answer you are looking for, you can click here to contact me and ask me your questions directly.

  • Q: -How long will it take to reduce my pelvic floor prolapse?

    A: The short answer is - it depends.  It depends on the severity of your prolapse, your age, and how quickly your body responds to strength training.  Most women start to see improvements in 2-3 weeks, however as we age, our muscles take longer to strengthen, so for some women it could take up to 4 weeks of daily use to start to see results.  The complete program for pelvic organ prolapse is 12 weeks.

  • Q:  Can I use the YoniFlex with an IUD?  After a hysterectomy?

    A:  Yes, and Yes!  IUDs are located in your uterus, which is far away from where the YoniFlex does its magic.  There are no issues using the Yoniflex after a hysterectomy, providing you wait at least six weeks post surgery.

  • Q:  I have rectal prolapse / rectocele. Will the YoniFlex help me?

    A:  Absolutely.  The pelvic floor muscle groups are all interconnected and strengthening your pelvic floor will have benefits for rectal prolapse and rectocele.  We also offer rectal probes as alternatives to target the pelvic floor muscles supporting the rectum.

  • Q:   Can I use the YoniFlex while pregnant?  

    A:  No.  The YoniFlex should not be used when pregnant or when trying to get pregnant.   

  • Q:   Is the YoniFlex safe?  

    A:  The Yoniflex is a safe, non surgical and non pharmaceutical method to strengthen your pelvic floor.  Normally, your body fires your muscles into action through your central nervous system.  The YoniFlex is simply replacing your body's own signals.   Your body can not tell the difference between a voluntary contraction and electrically stimulated one, it only recognizes a stimulus and reacts accordingly.

  • Q:  Tell me about the science behind YoniFlex!

    A:  There have been dozens of studies on successful treatments using EMS.  If you want to deep dive into the science behind the YoniFlex, checkout this page:  Understanding the science.

  • Q:  How long does shipping take?

    A:  The Free shipping option will take approximately 5-8 business days to arrive.  It is recommended if you want your YoniFlex faster to choose the express shipping option, which will cut the shipping time in half.


 "I guarantee the YoniFlex will improve your pelvic organ prolapse or you may return it to me with 3 months of purchase" - Tricia

Learn More about my 90 Day YoniFlex Challenge here!



Even more good news:


 Are you ready to see for yourself? 

What are the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse? 

Prolapse can have a number of symptoms, but here are the most common:

  • A feeling of heaviness around your lower tummy or pelvis
  • Dragging discomfort inside of your vagina
  • Feeling or seeing a bulge or lump coming out of your vagina
  • Problems peeing - feeling like your bladder is not fully emptying, or going to the toilet more often