90 day YoniFlex exercise challenge


Tricia here.  :)


Who doesn't like taking the work out of your pelvic floor exercise routine 

I am so confident that the YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer will work for you that I am issuing you a 90 day challenge. 

Purchase the YoniFlex and try it for 90 days.  If, after exercising with your Yoniflex daily for 90 days you do not experience significant improvement in your pelvic floor issues, return it to me for a refund.

All I am asking is that you give it a full 90 days to see results.  Most women find they start to see results in just 2 weeks of us, however your own exercise results could take a bit longer depending on your age and level of atrophy of your pelvic floor muscles.  

Please read our refund policy for details on my 90 day challenge.

 90 Day Challenge | Pelvic Floor Support



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