Ada Probe - Vaginal
Ada Probe - Vaginal
Ada Probe - Vaginal
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Ada Probe - Vaginal

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The Ada Probe:

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The Ada Probe:

Our most popular and trusted vaginal probe, the Ada probe is clinically designed to provide both security and peace of mind.  With its unique design the Ada probe will maintain its location after insertion better then traditional tube shaped probes.  The dual horizontal electrodes direct the current to where the majority of your pelvic floor muscles reside - at the sides of your vaginal walls.  This maximizes the effective area of work of the probe.

The Ada probe includes an optional wand indicator.  This wand indicator will give you a visual aid to ensure that you probe is working effectively, as the wand will move away from you as your pelvic floor muscles contract and back to center when the muscles have relaxed.


Notes about the Ada Probe:

  • This probe works great for clients with partial prolapses.  The hollowed center allows for insertion to work around the prolapse
  • The electrodes of the Ada probe should be pointed across the body - hip to hip- and not up and down.  When looking down at the probe you should see the hollow interior and not the electrode.
  • The probe electrodes are made with surgical stainless steel and are considered nickel free.  

 Instructions for Use:

  1.  Clean your Ada probe using warm soapy water and rinse well
  2. Attach your Ada probe to your YoniFlex Trainer
  3. (optional) install the indicator wand
  4. Add your preferred water based lubricant to the probe
  5. Get yourself in a comfortable position (I prefer on my back in bed propped up with pillows)
  6. Insert the probe with the electrodes at the sides facing your hips.  Looking down you should see the open space of the probe.
  7. Start your YoniFlex on your preferred program
  8. Once your program is finished, clean your Ada probe with warm soapy water and leave to dry


Why the name "Ada" ? 

Ada Probe | YoniFlex vaginal probe

Our Ada probe is a celebration of empowered women in our history.  Ada Lovelace is known as the world's first computer programmer.  

On June 5th, 1833, Ada Lovelace met Charles Babbageon a prototype of an invention he called the "Difference Machine" which was able to make reliable calculations with the turn of a handle.  Through her work, Ada effectively created the world's first computer program.  Ada stated in her writings: "The science of operations, as derived from mathematics more especially, is a science of itself, and has its own abstract truth and value" -  Ada Lovelace was the first to separate the science of computing from the science of mathematics nearly 200 years ago, which helped create the field of computer science.

You can read more about Ada Lovelace here.


More information on the Ada Probe:


  • 100% nickel free metal
  • Lightweight and easy to insert
  • Smooth single body manufacturing process eliminates edges from molding
  • No guesswork - if the cable is at the top or at the bottom, the probe is inserted correctly
  • No guesswork - When the base of the probe is on the outside edge of your vagina, the probe is inserted correctly
  • Hollowed center allows for reduced weight and provides secure anchorage for better ambulatory use
  • No question asked 30 day full replacement warranty
  • Easy to clean 
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    Ada Probe Specifications:

    • Length:  10cm/3.9″ (full probe with handle) - 7.2cm/2.8″ (insert-able portion of probe)
    • Diameter:  0.9cm/0.35″ (at neck) to 3.5cm/134″ (at maximum width)
    • Certification:  CE Grade II medical device
    • Manufacturing Material:  ABS plastic & Surgical stainless steel