Troubleshooting your YoniFlex

If you are experiencing issues with your YoniFlex, you have come to the right place!  Below you will find the most common issues you may be having, and answers to these issues. 

As always, if you continue to experience issues with your YoniFlex that you cannot resolve, contact us anytime.

Q:  How do I insert the Ada Probe?

A:  The probe should be inserted with the electrodes facing your hips.  When looking down, you should see the hole in the center of the probe.  The probe should sit comfortably with just the base vsiible from the outside. 

Be sure to apply lubrication to yoru Ada probe before insertion.  This is important for efficient use, as the YoniFlex requires proper conductivity in order to work effectively.

Q:  My YoniFlex will not turn on

A:  If you are pressing the power button and your YoniFlex won't turn on, the most likely culprit is the battery.  It could either be dead, or installed incorrectly.  Ensure that the + and - of the 9v battery are installed correctly.  Also try replacing the battery with a fresh 9v battery.  

My YoniFlex won't go past 10

A:  This is a safety feature.  It happens when the probe does not have a good connection with your vaginal walls.  If this happens while your probe is inserted, it is because there is not enough lubrication.  Be sure to always use lubrication when using your YoniFlex to ensure good connectivity with your probe.

Q: Why can't I feel the YoniFlex working?

A: Try increasing the level of the YoniFlex until you can feel it working.  The Yoniflex can be adjusted between 1-99mah, and most women find it most comfortable between 30-50mah.  Keep pressing the + (plus) button and you will see the MaH number rising.

Q:  I can only feel stimulation on one side.  What is going on?

A:  This is most often because of nerve damage.  It is commonly a result of childbirth.  Continue to work with the Yonflex at the highest level you are comfortable with which can help restore lost sensation.