Struggling with Prolapse?   A bulging feeling?  Pressure?  Incontinence?

You Are Not Alone!

women will experience prolapse in their lifetime

Women often stay quiet about their prolapse due to shame and embarrassement

Women are often told surgery is the only option

There is Hope!

Welcome, I'm Tricia! 

After the birth of my second child, I began experiencing pelvic floor weakness. Stress incontinence and bladder leaks became a normal part of my day, which I believed was a fairly common and temporary experience for new moms. Little did I know that this could eventually lead to prolapse, as it did for me. In the beginning, I was embarrassed, and the reality of the condition battered my self-esteem.

When I should have been returning to the physical activities I had enjoyed before giving birth, for both my mental and physical wellness, I found myself withdrawing from them. Initially, shame kept me from discussing my feelings of helplessness and frustration with my partner and my fellow moms and friends.

However, as a fierce and determined woman, I was not going to let this condition dictate my life. I researched best practices for stress incontinence, bladder leaks, and prolapse. In addition to physical therapy, Kegel exercises were my best course of action. While this sounded easy enough, I can tell you that kegels aren't as straightforward as they seem. When there is already pelvic floor weakness, it’s difficult to tell if one is executing the kegel exercise effectively.

The more I researched, the more I came to understand that these conditions were remarkably common for women. I also began to wonder if other women found kegels as challenging and underwhelming as I did. With my newfound knowledge and plenty of curiosity, I started addressing this “elephant in the room” with other women in my life. Sure enough, I wasn’t alone. There were many stories of embarrassing leakage moments, suffering alone, and feeling unsuccessful at improving things with kegel exercise alone.

 This was my inspiration and opportunity to change my life, and hopefully the lives of countless other women. With some research, I discovered that there were devices that could assist with kegel exercises, and after trying one I was convinced. Sharing this discovery with others was my next step, and after many months of research and consultation, the development of Yoniflex was complete. YoniFlex takes the guessing game out of kegels, and ensures that the exercises are rebuilding and restoring the strength in our pelvic floor muscles. This means regaining control over our bladders, and our lives.   By strentghing your pelvic floor muslces you will see the reduction or elimination of leaks, and a reduction in prolapse  and prolapse symptoms. 

Over the last 3 years, I have had the privilege of supporting over 3000 women through Yoniflex. Prolapse and pelvic floor issues do not have to be a life sentence, and I encourage you to also take charge of your pelvic floor health. You are worth it.

Why do I have prolapse?

Prolapse occurs when our pelvic floor muscles weaken to the point where they no longer provide support to our internal organs. As a result, these organs start to move out of their natural positions and start to drop.

 Natural aging, vaginal births, chronic coughs, chronic constipation, being overweight, and even heavy lifting can increase the chances of prolapse.

 To heal your  prolapse, kegel exercise is the number one recommended treatment by health care professionals. My YoniFlex Pelvic Floor Trainer automatically performs perfect kegel exercises. Over time this will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and reduce both your prolapse and your symptoms.

What are Common Prolapse symptoms?

  • A feeling of pressure, discomfort, or fullness of your pelvis
  • Pelivic pressure that gets worse as the day goes on, or when coughing, or standing
  • Problems inserting tampons or discofmort during sex
  • Often called a dragging sensation
  • Feeling like you are sitting on a small ball, or a sense of a bulge of lump coming out of your vagina
  • Leaking urine and/or not being able to fully empty your bladder
  • Back pressure and pain

What is YoniFlex, and how does it work?

The YoniFlex is an automatic kegel pelvic floor trainer. The YoniFlex will stimulate your pelvic floor muscles automatically causing them to tighten and relax during the 30 minute treatment process. During each treatment you will experience 150-300 perfect kegel exercises.

Unlike many manual kegel devices, when you are using the YoniFlex, you don’t need to squeeze, stress, or strain. You just sit back (or lie back) and let the YoniFlex do the work. Many of my clients use their treatment time to read a book, watch a show, or just relax.

I developed my YoniFlex with the support of several pelvic floor therapists. I have many pelvic floor therapists use and recommend the YoniFlex to their clients. 

  • Reduce or eliminate your prolapse
  • Have more control over your bladder
  • Tighten back up your pelvis
  • Improve your sexual sensations
  • More confidence & quality of life

YoniFlex Testimonials

Dawn B.

I wanted to let you know the YoniFlex has made an incredible improvement with my prolapse, incontincne, and other pelvic issues. I began in March and have used the device daily. I am so much better! Thank you for a truly life changing product.

Sally B.

I had stage 3 prolapse and was recommended surgery.  After about 5 or 6 weeks of using the YoniFlex I started to 'feel' different down there.  After two months I saw big time improvements, and my OB was very impressed!


I had prolapse - pretty bad.  It was coming out of my body.  I was so close to surgery.  I was desprerate, and gave it a try.  After 2 months, my prolapse has greatly reduced!  No longer 'in the way' and while its not completley gone, I dont' think surgery is required!

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