How to come up with your business logo

The YoniFlex Logo:

Note: If you don't yet have a business name for your company, please read our blog post on how to create a business name for your company.


Once you have decided on a business name for your company, the next important step is to decide on a logo.  A logo is a physical representation of your company, and is very important to have the 'feel' of your business.  If you look at your logo you should be able to get a feel for what your company is about, who is its target market, and a few adjectives to describe the business, even without reading the words.

Before going into our decisions on how we made our logo, I'd like to review a few large businesses and discuss their logos.

Logo Example 1:  Subway

Subway Logo design

The subway logo incorporates a number of positive feelings.  First, the choices of yellow and green are both 'fresh' colours, green being vegetables and fresh produce, and yellow being sunshine The big bold letters are curved smoothly, and the arrows on the S and the Y give direction - as 'the way' to get a fresh sub.  I really like this design - its smart, fresh, and conveys the service and products that Subway is famous for.

Logo Example 2:  Dove

dove logo business

The logo for Dove is pure, soft, and delicate.  The words are italicized to not be straight up and down but leaned to the right a little.  There is a smooth half circle curve on the D and the overall curves on all the letters is soft and smooth and gentle.  This goes along with their overall 'the home of beauty' tagline - promoting women's natural beauty and 'perfect imperfections' so to speak.  The contrast color of the golden dove is a great companion to the blue lettering.  It indicates a freedom of flying and again is very smooth and soft and curved (similar to a woman's body).  


Logo Example #3:  Apple

 apple business logo

The apple logo is one of the most iconic logos anywhere in the world.  Apple has got to the place that only a handful of businesses are capable of. Without using words, their brand is distinguishable with just a simple image.  This simple apple with a single bite out of it and a leaf on the top signals quality and innovation.  Seeing the apple logo on any product immediately makes you understand that the product will be easy to use and build very well.  The logo itself is simple, smooth and consistent.  No flashy colours, no bold text, just a single image representing their brand.  


The YoniFlex Logo:

YoniFlex Logo

The YoniFlex Logo is both a sign of strength and a sign of femininity.  The Font we chose is a strong and bold font, with more straight lines and strength points.  However, in contrast, the purple 'flower' in the center is meant to identify the femininity and sensitivity of our product.  We really like the gradient purple of our flower, and the opening of the pedals.  


How did we create our logo?

Now that we have discussed several popular logos and designs, let's dive into what we did to create our YoniFlex logo.

Step 1:  Review color pallets

Generally speaking, you want to have 2 or 3 colors in your business that you use for most of your imaging.  We used the website Paletton.com, which is a great free tool to find colors that compliment each other.  If you choose a bold red, for example, it will provide you with a dozen or so complimentary colors that work well with your primary color.  

We also used a google chrome extension called Eye dropper, which allows you to click on any image, logo, or background within google chrome, and they will give you the color of this image.  This way you can bring this color to your designer (or use it yourself) if you see the perfect color out there on the internet.

Step 2:  Contact a design person.

While both Tricia and myself have some technical and creative skills using programs like Paint shop pro and photo editing apps, for this project we decided to bring in a 3rd party designer.

For budget conscious small businesses we can strongly recommend the website Fiverr.com. Fiverr is kind of like the social media of independent contractors.  It allows people from all walks of life around the world to offer services such as logo design at very affordable pricing.

I would recommend that you hire 3-4 different designers on fiverr, and provide for them your desired colors, as well as some 'feelings' about your business. Strong, masculine, or soft and subtle, for example.  The basic service price for most jobs is just $5, but many will offer additional logos and faster speed for more money.  We found this not to be necessary, and got designs from 3 different people on Fiverr. Our total cost for all fiverr services was just $38.88.  

In the end we went with Astonishlogo's design, after some back and forth with him, we settled on our logo. There were actually a great number of awesome logos created, and it was a difficult decision for us to choose this one.  

Another slightly more expensive option is a company called 99designs.  They are a huge conglomerate of 3rd party designers. When you signup with them, you will get a lot of choices in designs.  If you have a reasonable budget the 99 designs team can get you going for about $400. 

Regardless of whom you choose, make sure you have your designer create your logo in many different formats, sizes, and background colors.  You want to make sure you have your logo with:

  • Different background colours - white / black / red etc.
  • Different versions of your logo - .jpg / .png / etc.
  • Different sizes of your logo - Square, rectangle, etc.
  • Different pixels of your logo - small icon, 100px, 200px, 500px, 1000px, etc.

And that is all there is to it!  You can get yourself a professional high quality logo and business image for a very good price!  

If you want to show off your logo design ideas, or have any questions, just shoot a message at the bottom of this page!


Take care,