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YoniFlex Testers WANTED - Testing positions have been filled.

CURRENTLY 0 of 10 test spots available.

Good Day!

Tricia here, founder of YoniFlex. 

I would like to thank the current testers and the feedback I continue to receive from them.  The feedback provided has really helped me to validate the YoniFlex really does work as advertised to strengthen pelvic floors, and ultimately some great feedback on the design, packaging, and product information.  

As I continue along the adventure of YoniFlex, I am sure to use the information I have received to better the YoniFlex experiences for customers going forward.

Currently all of the testing spots have been filled.  If and when a new product is launched I may reopen this project.





Applicants must be experiencing one of the following pelvic floor symptoms:

  • Stress Incontinence - Bladder leakage during strenuous activities
  • Urinary Incontinence - Sudden urgent need to urinate and/or getting up multiple times to urinate 
  • Partial prolapse - Internal organs protruding or bulging into vaginal canal

What I need you to do for me:

  • Provide unbiased feedback on the product design, ease of use, quality, and success or challenges using the product
  • Suggestions for improvement of the product's instruction booklet, packaging, etc.
  • Suggestions for improvement of the website design, colors, ease of use, etc.
  • After 30 days of use, providing feedback on your success and any lifestyle improvements you have received as a result of using YoniFlex.
  • Provide a testimonial that we can use on our website and social media promotions (your last name will not be used) about your experience with YoniFlex.


If you are interested in receiving a YoniFlex pelvic floor trainer at cost, and you meet and agree to the above requirements, please email me at:



  1. Your Name
  2. Your Age
  3. Your City and Country
  4. Detailed description of your pelvic floor challenges - What issues are you experiencing?
  5. Your pelvic floor history - When did your issues start?  


If you are chosen to participate in our testing process, you will be contacted with more information on the process, as well as a coupon code for purchasing the YoniFlex at our cost price.

Thank you to all who participate in our testing process. I look forward to hearing from you,


Stay awesome,




NOTE - This promotion is available in Canada and the United States Only.